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Friends Only [Aug10'2010 07:44PM]

This journal is now friends only

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blah blah blah [Jul05'2007 03:16PM]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I'm in Colombiaaa!! Yay
I am at my cousins' house and they have a computer with internet here so I can finally update.

Graduation... it was OK, I guess. When I go back to Mexico I post the pistures, because I spent the day after my graduation packing up so I didn't get a chance to upload them. (And I'll upload some pictures of Colombia, so you can see how beautiful my country is)

Colombia is OK, and I am having a lot of fun here with my friends and family, but I really miss Mexico, I miss my bed and my mexican friends and my balcony :(
My dad did not come with us to Colombia, he has been having triple ammounts of work since last year so he had to stay in Mexico. He will come, though, tomorrow. I am so excited!

On Sunday we will go to Bucaramanga (another city in Colombia). I am currently staying at Bogotá.
My aunt and my grandfather live there. It's a long story, but I'll tell you anyway.
My grandfather has a lot of illnesses, and when my grandmother passed away (a few years ago) he had to go live with my aunt, but it was dangerous for him, and a lot of work for my aunt. The house had a lot of stairs and my grandfather has alzheimer (spelling?), so he doesn't remember a lot of things. A few months after he went to live with my aunt Rocio, their neighbors moved to another house, and they sold the one the lived in. That house then became an asile. It was really weird because the house is on a montain, so it has a lot of stairs, and is far away from every hospital, so it's not a common place for asiles. My aunt says it's a miracle. My grandfather now lives there and they take care of him and everything. He doesn't remember me... or my father. It's really depressing. Last year when we went to Bucaramanga, my father sat next to him and started talking with him. Then my aunt came in and my grandfather asked her "didn't you tell me my son was comming today to see me?", and my father started to cry. It's the second time I see him cry, the first was when my grandmother died. But my father wants to see him, even if he can't recongnize him.

* * * * *

Today the whole country protested against the guerrilla (a group of people who are against the government and do stuff like kidnap inocent people in exchange for money) in Colombia. All the people who wanted to protest wore white t-shirts or blouses. At 00:00 the traffic in the whole country stopped and the president lead a march across the city of Bogotá. Everyone waved a colombian flag or a white flag. This happened in the whole country, not a single car moved and everyone marched in the streets everywhere. It was really moving to see all those people who really wanted peace. The march still continues, even now at 5:10 pm. I didn't march, though, my mother didn't want to, so I couldn't, but I watched it in the news. They showed videos of the protests in other cities and stuff like that.

Colombia is a gorgeous country, too bad we are not known for that. We are known for the illegal traffic of drugs, or the "insecurity". Yes we have a great land in which, unfortunately, some people plant cocaine or other illicit drugs, but that same land is used for coffe, the best coffe in the world. My country is not insecure. It's not how the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" paints it. First of all you don't go out to the street and see a bomb explode, or hear someone scream, or hear gunfire. We do know what a microwave is, thank you, we are not a tribe of drugdealers. Our bildings are made of concrete, not rocks. We are not drug addicts. Or have parties at night where we light a fire and sing dancing around it (like in the movie). It's not hot either. In the movie everyone wore skirts and small tops and blah blah blah. Actually, the average weather here is 15°C Which is really really low, we wear jackets every single day. We colombians are known to be the happiest people on the face of the Earth, I don't know which magazine said that, but it did. LOL

It's like what some people think of Mexico. I can tell you, they don't travel in burros, or wear sombreros. The cities in Mexico are like the cities in the US. And it's not hot all the year, acutally, 2 or 3 years ago it snowed in Monterrey.

Now I noticed I wrote a lot... but I had a lot to say. Ha,ha,ha.

I have to go now.



BRUSH SET 1 [Sep07'2006 07:03PM]
[ mood | cheerful, but busy ]

Brush Set #1
Now this is my first brush set in a long, long time. Why is this entry Public? This is kind of a teaser entry, next brush sets and icons will be Friends Only.

Remember, Please:

//DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE (unless otherwise stated)
//Have fun!//

Flower Set 1 by Coldsecret@Livejournal
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